About the Doll Clinic

I taught porcelain doll art for 22 years.  In 2000, I met a delightful woman named Rosalee Rainbolt, also known as the “Terri Doctor”.  She decided to retire and offered to teach me her secrets and tricks of the trade so that I could follow in her footsteps.  I jumped at this wonderful opportunity and after a year of thorough orientation,  here we are.  What I know about Terri lee, I owe to Rosalie.  I have spent the last 17 years restoring Terris to their former glory.

I have repaired splits in the neck, chin, cheek, side seam, shoulder, crotch and legs.  I have repaired “short-neck syndrome.”  Eyes can be repaired.  Lashes ,  brows, and lips can be touched up.  Cheeks and knees can be blushed.  I can restyle Terri’s hair or if necessary, make her a wig as it was made at the old Terri Lee Factory.  I can make Jerri a caracul  wig or one from Alpaca.  I have a very few original Terri Lee Factory calf skin wigs for Jerri. 

Send me an email and we will begin restoring your favorite doll.