We love mail! Send your stories and pictures to Sherry and you may find yourself in our scrapbook. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you so much! Terri is just beautiful! I can't believe that she is the same doll I sent to you! Your work is just perfect and the clothes are darling.

I have spent the last hour dressing her and taking pictures -- I feel like a little kid again! Thank you so much and rest assured that if I ever need more clothes, or hear of someone needing help with Terri repairs, I will keep your card and make referrals!

Thanks again,

The gang's all here! 2006 Terri Lee Convention in San Antonio.

Terri Lee came today and I couldn't believe what a beautiful job you did! You are an artist!

Thank you!

I received my Jerri Lee doll today and he looks wonderful.  Thanks so much for taking such good care of him.  You did a terrific job and if I hear of anyone having doll problems I will give them your name.

Thanks again.

I realize that you are in Florida at the Convention, but I just had to let you know this minute that my Terris arrived home safe and sound. 
I’m not embarrassed to tell you that I cried after opening their carefully wrapped “mummy” bodies and seeing how beautifully they turned out.  What a novel idea to cover the head in a diaper!  As a result, the hair looks just as gorgeous as the day you styled it.  I love that you created two different styles and here’s why:    
I didn’t share this with you earlier, but I’m going to surprise my sister on her birthday by returning one of the dolls to her.  Since she is older than I am (and has a better memory of childhood events), I asked her the history behind how I ended up with both dolls; and she said she gave hers to me when she decided she was “too old” to play with dolls anymore.  Some time after that, I went to work on her doll to give it the same bad haircut I had given mine.  I’ll be giving her the doll whose wig looks more mature (doesn’t have any braids), since she is the elder sister.  I know she’ll be thrilled.
Anyway, thanks once again for working your magic on these dolls.  As soon as I decide how to dress them, they will each be going into a glass case so my sister and I (and our heirs) can enjoy them in their fresh-from-the-factory, pristine condition. 
There is always a chance that I may need your services again, if I should decide to adopt more Terris in the future who are in need of a make-over.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hi Sherry,
The mailman brought Terry to my door this afternoon!  She is absolutely beautiful and I have only you to thank for that!!  You are wonderful!  Thank you soooo much!!
I'm not going to give her to my granddaughter until she is old enough to respect her and where she came from.  You've made my dream come true!!


The postman just arrived with my babies - they are beautiful! Now I need to get on the web site and get Terri some clothes. I can not be more pleased, thank you so much.

My Aunt in California is a doll collector and has two Terri Lee dolls. I will pass your name on to her so she can give it out at her doll club, in case anyone needs work on their dolls. You do outstanding work.

Thanks again.

Hi Sherry,
Your package just arrived.  The dresses are perfect!  Thank you so much.

Of course, the pajama set is unbelievable.  The incomparable detail!  That will be treasured with my original doll.  (Thankfully as a little girl, I knew to not try to comb her hair!)  I even avoided the temptation of letting my daughter have her to play with... she was brought out at special times for quiet play and appreciation. 

So, it is going to be very much fun to give my grand daughter one of the new Terri Lee's (with all the darling dresses) and introduce her to my old one and continue the magic of Terri Lee.

Merry Christmas!!

When my sister and I were about ten years old, she and I purchased our Terri Lee Dolls at a Children's clothing and toy store that my Mother worked in.  Each week we would take our fifty-cent allowance and paid until we could take her home.  We also did the same thing for her outfits.

My husband was in the Military and my doll was lost in shipment, several years ago I was able to order the same doll in her same outfit from the Terri Lee Company and she now sits proudly in an old fashion high chair in my kitchen and brings back fond memories of my childhood and how I saved so hard to buy her. 

My sister who is sixteen months younger than myself has cancer and on my visit to her home in Ohio several weeks ago, she asked me if I would take her Terri Lee home to Florida to live with her sister, but she added that just like herself it needed to be fixed, which I promised her I would do and sit her in the high chair next to mine.
Just thought that you would enjoy reading our story and how much Terri Lee brought to our life in childhood and continues to do so.

Thank you,

Catherine Frazier's girls back from the spa...

Hi Sherry, Here is a few pictures of "the girls". They were a hit at the family reunion last month! I found out the blonde's name is Sonja (after Sonja Henie) and the brunette is Jill. Also that 5 cousins of my Mom and her sister also had dolls around the same time and that one year my great, great Aunt was sewing doll clothes at Christmas time for 7 Terri's.

Two of the cousins are anxious to bring their dolls to our next get together, so the Terri's have provided more common ground between all of us than I could have anticipated. Thank you again for the wonderful job in restoring them. I have really enjoyed have them around the house — they are so cute. Hope you enjoy the upcoming convention.

Best Regards,

Here are the girls! Thanks again for everything. Terri and Linda Lee arrived safely a few minutes ago, and I am delighted with them! I am amazed at how good Terri's color is.

This doll was played with all the time. I think that I got her for Christmas in 1951 and I have a picture of she and I that was taken when we were both newer. She's aged better than I have however—I'm so jealous!


This Terri Lee had a bit of an accident but we were able to fix her right up. She looks as good as new!

WOW!!! Thank you for your wonderful website with information about Terri Lee dolls.

My older brother and I each received a Linda Baby doll on June 25, 1956 (the date of our brother's birth). My parents purchased the dolls at Wretman's
Toy store in Fort Dodge, Iowa. I have kept these dolls all these years. I still have the birth certificate of my doll.

I knew absolutely nothing about these dolls until I found your website. I enjoyed reading your "Reader's Digest" version of the doll company. It was VERY informative.

It is time for me to "release" all of my dolls from my life. I have enjoyed them always but it is time for them to go.

Again, thank you for all of your efforts! Have a fabulous day!


Terri Lee looks so good! You did such a wonderful job of making an “old lady” look young again!

My folks were really surprised to see her looking like new… the last they had seen her is when my mother found her in an old trunk of mine in their basement in the '70's — she was not a pretty sight! I'm so happy with your “back to beauty” treatment on her! Again, thanks so much for your “magic touch” She is just super!


The Terris, all are just beautiful. Thanks so much. I especially admire the up-do. You really worked hard on that one. The dolls even smell good.

Your work has been so good and I'm so tickled at your promptness. I'm so pleased with your work. Simply beautiful.